About Klyn


Native Ohioan, Klyn L. Brown, is an energetic, enterprising entrepreneur and founder of the Klyn Designs Company.  
Art in its many forms has always been her passion and purpose, and she has experienced the gamut. Prior to her cosmetology school graduation in 1996 with a 98% grade average, Mrs. Brown first began as a “kitchen beautician.” Prompted by “going natural” (for the third time) and by the difficulty in finding quality hair products that were affordable and effective in promoting healthy hair, she began extensive hair/hair product research and experimentation and developed an affordable, nourishing hair care line for women of various ethnicities with natural hair of all textures----wavy, curly and kinky. The success of her product line was first realized in the rich, resilient hair of her four daughters----all of whom have natural hair, as well as with her husband and two sons, each with healthy, flowing dreadlocks.

Mrs. Brown has been a hair stylist for over 20 years, and received her license as a managerial cosmetologist in 1996. In addition to providing hair care for regular clients and family, she worked several years servicing the hair needs of the elderly in various nursing homes and senior care facilities.

In addition to being a licensed managerial cosmetologist, Mrs. Brown is an alumna of the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) in Columbus, Ohio, where she was recognized for her achievements in various design competitions, including receiving the honorable mention award from Victoria’s Secret. Additionally, she earned several President’s Awards as well as frequent inclusion on the Dean’s List while attending CCAD.   

After observing the often prohibitive costs of many advertising and design services, Mrs. Brown determined that her company, Klyn Designs, would be the exception----offering creative excellence coupled with common affordability. As a result, service fees are on a “project” basis rather than an hourly rate, which keeps costs reasonable and eliminates hidden or unexpected expenses.   

Multi-talented, she enjoys creating illustrations on the computer, and she is gifted in the field of fine arts, including abstract sculptures, sketch pad drawings, and paint strokes on canvas.

Although a committed wife and mother, her home responsibilities have not hindered her work in the artistic arena. She has serviced several organizations and businesses, all of whom have become regular, satisfied clients.   

Klyn L. Brown’s overriding ambition and goal is to ensure that Klyn Designs is the complete synthesis of professionalism, performance, and perfection.





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